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“Why do I use EasyWean noserings? A 500% plus return on my investment, that’s why!!”

Jason & Kym Virtue, Upper Noosa West Land and Livestock Co


“We find the whole weaning process considerably cheaper than yard weaning.

Using a nosering weaning system does not break the maternal link between the cow and calf and therefore does not create enormous distress in a highly social animal.

The rings allow the cows to immediately begin to increase bodyweight because they no longer have to produce milk and they aren’t suffering the stress which goes with losing their calves. We get consistent weight gains of about 0.6kgs a day.

There are other benefits such as lower weaning costs, increased productivity from keeping our rotationally-grazed herd in the one mob and no environmental damage by fence-patrolling cattle.”

Chris Wright, New England region, NSW


“EasyWean® noserings save us loads of time and effort compared to traditional yard weaning.

It only takes three of us 5.5 hours to draft off 700 calves and fit them with noserings, and the same to remove them, which is far less time and labour than feeding calves in the yards.”

Dick Richardson, Boorowa NSW

“EasyWean® noserings take the madness out of weaning”

Matthew & Maryellen Peart, Arcadia Valley Qld

“Some folk look at the rings and think the idea is too simple to work. It works, alright!”

Peter Cahill, Grandchester Qld

“It’s a low stress system, our calves – and cows – gain weight when weaning, rather than losing it. We are still using the original nose rings we purchased seven years ago.”

“The photos below show the low stress associated with your weaning system! We nose-ring the bull calves first, to coincide with the shipping out schedule, then as we bring the mob in to take the noserings out of the bulls we change them over onto the heifers … all good!”

Bob Wilson, Lancelin WA