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The Land article June 2006

The hallmarks of the annual calf weaning – lots of bellowing, roaming of fence lines and weight loss – are disappearing on some properties, to be replaced by a ferocious-looking nose ring.

The EasyWean® nosering, distinguished by its bright orange colour and blunt spikes, was developed in South Africa to allow calves to remain in the same herd as their mother, but to stop them visiting the udder. → Read more

The Land 2005 article

Buyers at southern weaner sales this year showed a clear preference for yard-weaned cattle, but some producers are going a step further and using noserings for a similar result while keeping mother and calf together.

Badly-weaned calves leave the buyer – lotfeeder or finisher – to cope with a stressed animal prone to bawling, weight loss and with a greater susceptibility to sickness. → Read more