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Customer service

If you have any questions about buying, fitting or using our products, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Conditions of sale

EasyWean Pty Ltd accepts no responsibility for any loss or damages, of any nature whatsoever, whether incidental or consequential, incurred by the purchase and use of EasyWean® products.

Returns policy

Warranty & Returns

At EasyWean® we pride ourselves on the high quality of our EasyWean® noserings and the QA processes we have in place. We expect our EasyWean® noserings should serve you well and have a good life span.

If you are unsure of the fitting of our EasyWean® noserings or how to use a particular item – please contact us for clarification before using them. We are only too happy to assist.

As we have no control over how you fit or choose to use our EasyWean® noserings or how your animal may roll, itch, snare, rub and otherwise try to remove our EasyWean® noserings it is your responsibility to insure you are satisfied with the quality and fitness of purpose for the EasyWean® noserings you have purchased before using them. We ask that you check your EasyWean® noserings carefully, before using them, to satisfy yourself that they are of high quality and free from any manufacturing defects, which may shorten the expected life of your purchase. This insures that if our EasyWean® noserings are damaged sooner than expected you can be satisfied they were sound to begin with.

If you find a fault or an issue with your EasyWean® nosering, please contact us before using. We will happily replace any EasyWean® nosering with a demonstrable manufacturing fault, before the item is used – it’s very hard to identify what fault an EasyWean® nosering may have had after your animal has destroyed or used it.

Before you fit the EasyWean® nosering for the first time, and within 72 hours of receipt, if you have any doubt about the fit, sizing, quality or its suitability for the task you have intended – please contact us to discuss.

Cattle are large, unpredictable and strong animals and can easily damage an item in the first few days as they can 12 months later. We will not honour replacements for any item that has been destroyed after use. EasyWean® accepts no liability for loss, damage, injury or death or consequential loss to any person or animal resulting from the use or misuse, or incorrect fitting or failure of any of our EasyWean® noserings.

EasyWean® policy on broken noserings

Product material: EasyWean® is committed to producing a high quality and highly effective product. Our EasyWean® noserings are made out of acetyl. Acetyl is used because it holds its memory better than any other plastic. When the nut/bolt is tightened the EasyWean® nosering will try to return to its original shape. This tension in the plastic acts as a lock nut preventing the nut/bolt from coming undone. This is very important. In addition, acetyl is reasonably flexible and can absorb a great deal of shock and weathering. But it is plastic and therefore not infallible. We have strengthened the design to prevent breakages as much as possible but acetyl will shatter under extreme pressure.

Wear and tear: Some EasyWean® noserings do become more brittle than others on the shelf and therefore can break easier. Such breakages only occur in the very early stages of handling and fitting. In addition, plastic does become more brittle in cold weather, and over time will also be affected by heat. This weathering, we feel, is within the normal bounds of wear and tear.

Handling EasyWean® noserings: The majority of breakages are management related. Ideally, EasyWean® noserings should be fitted with the calf restrained in a neck clamp, and then released to graze as soon as possible once the EasyWean® nosering has been fitted. This will minimize the number of breakages. Similarly, when the EasyWean® noserings are being removed the animals need to be handled carefully as the potential for breakages is higher when the animals are confined.

Replacement Policy: EasyWean® is committed to producing a high quality and highly effective product, but we cannot be held responsible for management related breakages. We are, however, willing to assist EasyWean® nosering users by replacing broken EasyWean® noserings that are returned to us, at a discounted price. We reserve the right to determine the discounted price.

You sent me an incorrect item

If we make a mistake and send you an incorrect item, please contact us immediately on 1300 327 993 or email us at sales@easywean.com.au so we can arrange a replacement. Please don’t use the item as we will not accept EasyWean® noserings back once they have been in use or been modified in any way.

Defective Items

If an item has a demonstrable manufacturing defect we will happily replace the item before use. To make the process fast and efficient, please e-mail us some detailed pictures of the fault so we can validate and arrange a replacement.

Return Process

Our EasyWean® Distribution Centre is closed to the general public and we do not permit customers on site to return EasyWean® noserings. Our pricing structure and very low prices reflect our streamlined approach to handling & delivery. If you need to return EasyWean® noserings, they will need to be sent back to us via post – no exceptions.

All EasyWean® noserings must be returned to us as follows:

  • Original condition
  • You notify us of the need for an exchange or return within 72hrs of receipt
  • You return with copy of the invoice/receipt within 14 days of notifying us.

Please contact us PRIOR to returning your item so we can issue you with a Return Authority (RA) number. Your RA number must be included along with your return to enable us to process your return.

All freight costs are the responsibility of the purchaser. If you do need to return anything to us, we suggest you register your returning parcel as EasyWean® will not accept any responsibility for goods lost in return transit. We will not accept any goods returned by C.O.D. delivery.

Returns Address:
EasyWean® Pty Ltd, PO Box 230, Kilkivan Qld 4600

Postage Costs

Postage and handling charges are not refundable. If we make a mistake with your order or a faulty item needs to be returned, we will cover the postage costs for you to return the item to us.

Non-Returnable Items

Once fitted, the EasyWean® noserings can easily be damaged by the animal. We will not honour any warranty for an EasyWean® nosering once it has been used on an animal. We have no control on how you choose to fit or use our EasyWean® noserings. Likewise we have no control over how your animal may roll, itch, snare, rub or graze and/or otherwise try to remove an EasyWean® nosering. For this reason, it is the buyer’s responsibility to inspect your purchase closely and insure you are happy with both the quality and fitness of purpose for the EasyWean® noserings you have purchased before using them on your animal.


All goods delivered to the customer by EasyWean® remain its sole and absolute property and EasyWean® shall remain the legal and equitable owner of them until such time as the customer has paid to EasyWean® the agreed price for those goods together with the full price due for any other goods or services the subject of any other contract between the customer and EasyWean® together with any interest due for late payment.

The customer agrees that EasyWean® may, for the purposes of recovery of its goods, enter upon any premises where those goods are stored or used or where they are reasonably thought to be stored or used and may re-possess the same “ in the event of breach of clause by the customer”.

Until such time as the customer becomes the owner of the goods he or she will store them on his premises separately from their own goods or those of any other person and in a manner which makes them readily identifiable as EasyWean®’s goods.

Notwithstanding that property (ownership) shall not pass save as above, risk passes to the customer as soon as the goods come under their or their agents control and it shall be the customer’s duty to insure those goods against reasonable commercial risks.

Our Policies

EasyWean®’s policies regarding returns and refunds conform to the regulations of the Qld Office of Fair Trading, which states the following:
As a consumer, the law automatically provides you with guarantees on certain goods. These are called consumer guarantees.

You are guaranteed that the goods you buy:

  • are of acceptable quality (hence we ask you to check your EasyWean® noserings very carefully before using)
  • match the description, sample or demonstration model you were shown
  • are fit for their intended purpose
  • have clear title, unless otherwise stated
  • do not have any undisclosed securities (money owing on them)
  • come with a right to undisturbed possession
  • will have spare parts
  • will have express warranties honoured.

What if I have more questions?

If you have any questions on our EasyWean® noserings or service, please call 1300 327 993 or email us.