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Fitting and using EasyWean® noserings

How well you apply the nosering is a major factor influencing retention rate.

Watch a video clip showing fitting and removal

While the spikes look aggressive we have not experienced any cases where the nosering has caused udder damage to the cow. Occasionally if done up too tightly the lugs will penetrate the septum (dividing membrane) between calf’s nostrils, which can make removal more difficult.

The rings are designed so there are no grazing restrictions on the calf.
Fitting an EasyWean nosering

  • The nosering should stay on for 4-6 weeks to ensure lactation has ceased.
  • A second handling of the calves is then required to remove the noserings.
  • Restrain the calf, loosen the wingnut and gently pull back on each lug and remove the nosering.
  • We suggest a glove is worn on the “off” hand to give the operator confidence to grab the spikes while undoing the wingnut, reducing the chance of catching or scratching a finger in the nosering.
  • Throw the noserings in a bucket of water near the head bail. We recommend soaking in detergent and later washing with an old dish brush, then rinse and dry.
  • The bolt, washer and wing-nut are stainless steel .
  • Use of a light oil to lubricate bolt & wingnut before storage may prevent chance of corrosion.

For pictures and videos of our noserings in action you should take a quick look at our gallery (optimised for low bandwidth internet connections; we do know how frustrating it can be in the bush!).