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Frequently asked questions

How do noserings work?

First up, the nosering acts as a barrier between the calf’s mouth and the teat. Every time the calf tries to grab a teat, the nosering pushes it out of reach. Very frustrating. The spikes are there as a back-up. As the calf moves its head backwards and forwards trying to catch the teat, the spikes rub the cow’s udder and she moves away.

Our noserings have spikes running horizontally and at an angle. If the calf tries to tilt its head to get round the nosering, the spikes still rub Mum. This is the secret of EasyWean’s success – it works on the cow as well as the calf.

Do they hurt?

No. For the calves it is like wearing a clip-on earring. It may feel strange at first but you soon get used to it. For the cows, the spikes provide just enough discomfort for them to discourage the calves from suckling. The cow/calf bond is not broken and Mum is happy to have her calf right next to her.

How long do noserings last?

You can expect to use them for four to five weaning seasons, although many of our long time clients are still using noserings that they bought 7 – 12 years ago!! It all depends on how you look after them!

How long do you leave noserings in for?

We recommend 4 – 6 weeks. Left to nature, the weaning process is slow.  Using EasyWean® noserings allows you to emulate nature but manage the process for the best production advantage.

4-6 weeks is good if you wish to keep the weaners in the main mob. If you are separating them, then only two weeks is needed – just so the calves are not losing mum AND their milk supply at the same time.

How do we know if it is an original EasyWean® nosering, and not a copy?

There are many copies popping up in the market – some even the same orange colour as ours.  To ensure you are buying our quality product, please check that the nosering is stamped EasyWean and Made in Aus.

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