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Weaning lambs & kids

EasyWean sheep nosering for weaning lambs

By popular demand from EasyWean® cattle nosering users, EasyWean® sheep/goat noserings for the weaning of lambs & kids are now also available.

These EasyWean® noserings work on the same principle as the cattle noserings with a wing nut tension adjustment.

Fitting them in the race is simple. Two people, one holding and the other fitting works best. Twist the lugs into the nose and adjust the wing nut.

There are no grazing restrictions on the lamb/kid.

  • The nosering should stay on for 2 weeks to allow the ewe or nanny’s lactation to dry up.
  • Removal is quick requiring just a twist to remove.
  • After removal soak and wash the noserings in detergent with dish brush, then rinse and dry. The lamb/kid weaning nosering uses a plastic bolt, however the zinc-plated metal wing nut should be lubricated before storage to prevent corrosion.

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