The Rayner family and their first drove using noserings

The Rayner family on their first drove in a bid to maintain their 1100 head of cattle and using noserings to help them along.

We take our hats off to Michael, Anne and five year old Maria Rayner of Oakland Station, St George, who have been have been on the road with their mob of 1100 head for nearly a year. When prices dropped to $250 for a cow and calf and the drought meant no grazing left on Oakland Station, they decided it was worth keeping their herd and grazing it on the Long Paddock. With the use of noserings, they have been able to hold on to their weaners until prices improve, while taking the stress off already weakened cows. A little rain and slightly

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The value of the weight gain on weaners fitted with EasyWean® Noserings will more than pay for the cost of the nose ring, on first use.